Do you like to cook and do you enjoy good food? I don’t mean snooty, haute cuisine cooking, but good tasting stuff that is easy to do? If so, then you need to take a look at America’s Test Kitchen. They run a lab to discover the best and easiest way to prepare a dish, and they test equipment to find what works best and has the best value. Everything I’ve tried from them is quite good. They also produce a television show for PBS that is fun to watch. (As an aside, I think PBS beats every other TV network, no contest. I send them cash contributions. Come on, the rest of you freeloaders.)

Every time I watch their show on TV my mouth is watering, my stomach is growling, and the dishes look doable by regular people. I even bought the cookbook which came with a free DVD set. In my opinion, their recipes are noticeably better than most others, and they are tuned to be easy. What more could you ask? (yeah, except for them to visit my house and cook for my family – I mean Bridget and Julia, not Christopher :-) )