Yes, sometimes small things bother me. We’ve had a vacuum cleaner that worked decent for a bunch of years, but is falling apart now. The brush is falling apart, the tools don’t stay attached to the hose, light bulbs last only a couple weeks, etc. I’ve replaced a bunch of parts on it, and finally my wife says “None of my tools work!” So time for a replacement.

After doing reading on and Amazon reviews (which is one of the major reasons I purchase from Amazon) looking for a good performer at a decent price, I settled on a Hoover UH30010COM. Using it for a week, here are my impressions:

There are actually two cleaners in the package, the first is the upright which you expect, but for bonus points there is a small portable canister. The canister has a shoulder strap, or you can just carry it since it is decently light, and is great for doing a flight of stairs or cleaning the inside of your car, or sucking the cobwebs from the ceiling. It does require a bag (1 included) and is a bit noisy, but I find it nice and portable. My only complain is that there isn’t an obvious place to wind the cord, and not a place to park the long tube attachment and wide brush when they are not in use. Both of my boys were arguing about getting to use it to clean the stairs and other spots – we’ll see how long that lasts.

The upright is very lightweight. The UPS guy that delivered it said he was interested in one for his parents, I think it would be great for anyone with limited strength. It moves effortlessly across the carpet, it’s almost as if it has a power drive assist. It has a high/low setting, so you can tune it down if you want to be a bit more gentle or quiet. The power button lights up when it is plugged in, so you know if you have power. It has LED headlights for the floor instead of a incandescent bulb, so those won’t burn out. It’s more quiet than our old vacuum and seems to pull up more dirt. It has a large bag, inside of a zippered fabric pouch. Has a nice handle for carrying around, and the usual cord winder. It has rollers on the front of the base, so when you wheel it across a wood floor it isn’t rubbing/scratching as it goes. It claims to have self-adjusting height, which I don’t have experience with as our carpet is uniform.

Overall I’m very pleased. A good choice. It was $250 for both machines on Amazon. Don’t forget to get extra bags for both the canister and the upright (different bag types).