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tech: Instagram, I thought we were friends?

This analysis of the new intellectual property policy of Instagram claims that Instagram can sell your pictures without any compensation or permission from you, and they limit their liability should they disclosure your content.

Honestly, I never really got around to using Instagram. But I just deleted the app from my phone. How my intellectual property is handled matters, even if you have a cool free service.

I will be very surprised if they don’t reverse this within the next week or two.

Update on Dec 19: Instagram will be clarifying the language around some of the terms previously interpreted as onerous. So yeah, some backpedaling and a partial reversal. I’m glad there are people other than me that can read and parse these legal documents, and help me understand what they mean.

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tech: Google Maps is back on the iPhone

The Google Maps application has returned to the iPhone (iOS 6). It literally is new and improved. It even includes turn-by-turn navigation (includes a disclaimer that it is in beta). Yeah, this will likely replace my use of Apple Maps and Waze.

Find it in iTunes or the AppStore.

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tech: fascinating trends for the Internet and mobile phones

I changed positions recently at my employer, and am now working in the mobile phone software space. I’m learning a lot. But when I came across this presentation, I was wowed. It has a lot of information conveyed in a way that is easy to understand. It highlights trends on the Internet, including mobile phone usage. I definitely encourage any more-than-casual user to read this.

What really stuns me is how fast everything is changing. Not just technology, but concepts like “asset-light vs asset-heavy”. Android was unveiled only 5 years ago, and now there are ~500 million Android devices shipped. iPad growth is 3x iPhone growth. Crazy times…

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