I stumbled into gs.statcounter.com, and poked at the mobile OS data there (collected over the last 3 months). It really hit me how there is tremendous variation of device OS market share from country to country.

Here are some samples.

Range extremes:

  • iOS: 68% in Denmark, 1% in India
  • Android: 91% in South Korea, 6% in Somalia
  • Blackberry: 39% in St Martin, 1% in Thailand
  • Windows Phone: 23% in Finland, 1% in India
  • Series 40: 60% in Liberia, 1% in Austria
  • Symbian: 36% in Oman, 1% in Columbia

Basically no iOS or Android:

  • South Africa: Blackberry and Series 40 (Nokia) lead with a combined 60%, Android has 14%, iOS has 3%

Two western European countries where Android and iOS distribution is flip-flopped:

  • Spain: 70% Android, 25% iOS
  • Sweden: 62% iOS, 35% Android

Not the “usual” presence from a North America perspective:

  • Pakistan: 39% Series 40, 17% Symbian

And here is another view via Kantar / TNW.

So those of us in North America or western Europe who assume you understand the device OSs which are out there worldwide, think again.